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Bio-Energy, Log Burning, Pellet, Wood Burning Boilers

           With the rising costs of petroleum based fuels and the increasing awareness the impact fossil fuels have on our environment, more and more people in Ireland are looking for alternative ways to heat their homes using renewable energy sources.

With over twenty years experience in the solid fuel burning and plumbing trade, Choice Heating solutions was established in 2004, in response to the increased demand for alternative renewable energy sources. We provide a nationwide service, with a growing network of distributors.

Wood is a renewable energy resource. And because trees recycle carbon dioxide, wood burning doesn't contribute to the problem of climate change. As well, advanced combustion technologies mean more heat and less smoke from the wood you burn.

At Choice Heating Solutions we will help you make the best choice for your individual heating needs, from our award winning range of boilers. We are committed to keeping you warm & comfortable whilst providing you with safe, cost saving & environmentally friendly alternatives, including design, supply & installation

  Choice Heating Solutions - Complete Alternative Heating Solutions
                  Including Design, Supply & Installation

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